Trends: Spring – Summer 2022

Being 39 years old and watching current trends, I realized that fashion has made a full circle and returned back to 2000s. So those who are now in their 20s and haven’t experienced it yet are the target audience.

This season most designers showed mini and micro skirts, bra tops, bare midriffs and feathers..

As well as fringes and sequins. Perhaps they thought that after the pandemic we are going to party like animals. Oh wait.. the youngsters probably will 😅

Below I’ve tried to collect some more or less timeless and wearable trends, so if you like them and always wear regardless fashion, it’s a good time to replenish your stocks.


During previous seasons I saw colors mostly on runways but not so much in stores. This season, stores have finally caught up and there are lots of colors for those of you who are tired of neutrals.

Tie Dye

Timeless print that is currently trending.


In all shapes and forms

ss 22 trends butterfly

Buy your favorite colors and prints in timeless cuts, so that you can wear them for many years after. Here is my post about whether colors and prints go out of fashion.


Another timeless thing that appears on runways rather often. You can find anything from tops to bags. If you like it, use your chance.

Mini skirt suit

This was one of the most popular looks on runways. If you have a matching blazer and a skirt (or shorts) you can easily recreate this trend.

Did I mention bra tops?

Capri pants

I see them here and there, but this trend doesn’t seem to take off fully. Maybe this time. Keep your eyes open if you miss them.

Soft Volume

This trend has been around for a couple of years and is going to stay for at least next autumn-winter season. Not one of the most practical, but cozy in some way. If you like this trend, but such voluminous outfit feels too much, you can get a puffy bag or a pair of shoes.

Anything you want to try? ;)
If you don’t like any of these trends – no worries. Just keep wearing what you currently have :)

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