Do Colors and Prints Go out of Fashion?

One of the questions I get asked often is whether a particular color or print is still in fashion. Some of my clients avoid wearing colors or prints at all because they fear to look old-fashioned.

So, do colors go out of fashion? The answer is no they don’t. But some colors and certain combinations become more popular for some period. This means that they become widely available and you can find them everywhere.

If your favorite color became trendy and you know that you never get tired of it, then it is the right time to buy it in different variations. It will be more difficult to find it when it becomes less popular.

If you want to wear a colored item for years, then search for plain basic garments that never go out of fashion (download the list of them here). If you’re going to wear it just for a couple of seasons, then you can buy something trendier.

For example, a plain denim jacket is a timeless item and can be made in any color. It also can be trendy, but all trends become dated after some time.

Dated, timeless and modern red denim jacket

If a color is new for you and you want to try it, begin with something small and inexpensive. Such as a scarf or a bracelet, so in case you get tired of the color quickly you don’t feel sorry for the money you spent on it.

With prints, it’s a bit different. There are timeless prints and prints that indicate a year or a decade.

Timeless prints:

All types of the polka dot are timeless.

Houndstooth and herringbone

All type of plaids and checks:

Gingham and windowpane check

Gingham and windowpane check

Glenncheck and tartan

All types of stripes:

Pinstripe and chalk stripe

Floral, leafy  and tropical prints:

Paisley and fruit prints:

Animal prints (both animals themselves and imitation of their skin) 

Abstract, stars, bows, hearts, butterflies etc.

There are so many timeless prints! I should stop here, otherwise, this post will never end.

Prints that are not timeless:

Every year designers create new unique prints that can be easily recognized. You can wear them years later if you don’t bother that someone will think when they see you ‘’oh, that’s Prada 2012.’’

Prada SS 12

And every decade there are certain combinations of prints, colors, and silhouettes. They can be worn if you are trying to add a retro vibe to your outfit.

60s, 70s

If you are unsure, choose solid colors or timeless prints. There are so many of them so everyone can find something for themselves.

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Do you wear prints and colors? ;)

For those of you who want to learn more about colors. How to choose and combine them to create beautiful outfits and colorful wardrobes.

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