Trends: Fall-Winter 2019-20

Summer is almost gone, so it’s time to prepare for the new fall-winter season. Let’s take a look at what we can update our wardrobes with.

Most trends come from the previous seasons, such as animal prints, monochromatic look (one color head to toe), beige, bright and soft colors. Prints and colors never go out of fashion completely, they just become more or less popular from time to time.

  • The key trend is leather


  • Soft Colors


Shades of green are also popular



  • Shorts


  • Quilted


  • Capes


  • Leather or velvet puffers, faux fur coats


Some other trends that I’ve noticed: “harness bags”, mini skirts and sheer garments


  • Accessories:


  • Lace-up boots

Shoes from this post are still trending

  • Chain necklaces 

They came from the previous seasons and are timeless


  • Pussy-bow scarf or ribbon

    This trend is also timeless and it’s super easy to add to any wardrobe


“Pie crust” and ruffled collars



Which ones would you like to try? I’m definitely into shorts and pussy-bow scarves this season :)



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