Inspo: Chain Print

The chain print (or scarf print) itself is timeless, but sometimes it becomes more popular than it usually is (same applies to most of the prints). This means that they become widely available in all possible cuts and shapes. So if this print is one of your favorites, it is a perfect time to buy it before it’s gone again.

Zara took chain prints seriously this season so everyone can find something for themselves. If you don’t like Zara, you can apply the same ideas to your favorite brands ;)

If you’ve never worn chain print before a scarf can be a good piece to start with.


If you dare to start with something bigger, the safest option would be to pair it with something neutral and basic.


The next step is to pair your printed garments with more interesting textures, for example with sequins, satin, and fur, or add an actual chain.


If you are brave, you can wear chain print head to toe or mix several prints at the same time. Read my post about how to mix prints here.


Do you like/own/wear this print? Want to try? ;)

I only have a couple of scarves but can think to get myself a blouse or a bomber jacket… :)

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