How to Mix Prints and Patterns

Before I start working with my clients I send them a questionnaire to fill in, and of the questions there is whether they like and wear prints and patterns. The most common answer is that they like prints, but don’t buy (or buy but don’t wear), because they are not sure what to wear them with.

Mixing prints is not that difficult as it might seem. On the other hand, not everyone can physically manage to wear several patterns at the same time. I personally can’t. It feels like too much is happening, so I get tired. For me usually one print and solids are more than enough.

If you feel that you are ready to try, but don’t know where to begin here are some tips ranged from simple to more complex:

1. The easiest way is to wear a printed item with something black, gray, white or denim.

I believe that you have already figured this out. If a whole printed garment feels too much for you, start with a printed scarf, bag or shoes.

how to mix prints

2. Print + another solid color 

The next step is to take any color that is already in the print. This is super safe and easy choice.

how to mix prints

3. Stripes and polka dots go with everything. 

Perfect if stripes’ color will be repeated in other print, but it’s optional.

how to mix patterns. stripes

4.  Mix same print in different scales

For example, polka dots, flowers or stripes in different sizes..

mix same prints in different scales

5. Same print inverted colors

how to mix prints

6. Mix similar prints in different colors

how to mix prints

7. Unify different prints by colors

In other words, mix different prints that contain similar colors.

mix and match patterns

Advanced level: mix 3 and more different prints

Usually there will be several abovementioned “rules” at the same time.

In the examples below we can see : stripes, different prints containing same colors, similar prints in different scales, same print with inverted colors and addition of solids.

mixing prints
mixing prints and patterns

To see more examples use these keywords on Pinterest or Google images: print mixing, Stella Jean print mix, print mix outfit

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