Inspo: Bustier Tops and Corset Belts

Both bustier tops and corset belts are timeless, but from time to time they become trendy and more popular, which means that there are more of them out there to find in different fabrics, colors and shapes.

I mentioned them in a couple of trend reports here and here, but you will see them pretty much every season at Christian Dior, for example.

In this post I’ve collected some of the more proper and versatile examples that are made in tweed or fine suite fabric and don’t have clear associations with lingerie.

Bustier top dior

Let’s see how you can style them:

You can wear your bustier top as is…

Bustier Tops Corset outfits

Or you can spice up your basic button-up shirt.

 bustier outfit
Bustier Tops Corset outfits

Try it over a turtleneck sweater

Bustier Tops Corset outfits

Or wear it over any other blouses and tops of yours

Bustier Tops Corset outfits

It can also be sewn as a part of a shirt, but it’s not as versatile as a “standalone” bustier top.

Bustier Tops Corset outfits

If a whole top feels too much try a wider belt

corset belts

And this is what I currently have. The belt on the left is this one from Lindex in the pictures above.

I’ve been looking for a right bustier top for some years now and so far I found this one from H&M (second-hand new with tags 😏). It made of satin-ish cotton, which is fine, but ideally, I’d love to find one more in tweed or wool also.

What do you say? Yay or Nay?

I understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea :)

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