Body shapes – Round (O or Apple)

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Round, or commonly called apple, body shape is characterized by a rounded shoulder line, curved back and fullness around the middle part of the body. Women with this body type usually have good legs and a flattish bottom.

Celebrities who posses Round body shape – Gabourey Sidibe, Nikki Blonsky, Queen Latifah, Rosie O’donnell

round apple O body shape

To balance your silhouette avoid any voluminous details around the mid part of your body and keep this area simple and uncluttered. Choose clothes that hang from your shoulders. Try to draw attention either above your bust line or below the hips.


Your best fabrics are substantial, yet soft and fluid. You want those that hang and don’t cling or hug the figure. Look for wool crépe, fine knits and silks.

Following clothing lines will work good for your body shape: 

Tops and dresses for Round (apple) body shape


 Round (apple) body shape


Bottoms for Round (apple) body shape

Use the following basic rules of optical illusions to balance your silhouette:

• Lighter colours and fabrics with shine and textures visually increase the size of a surface

• Darker colours and fabrics with matte and plain textures diminish it

• Bright colors and details draw attention

• Column of colour has a slimming effect

• Horizontal lines make a subject look wider, while a couple of vertical lines may help to look longer and slimmer (look at Queen Latifah’s dress).

 Round (apple) body shape

Avoid the following clothing lines:

To avoid for Round (apple) body shape

Remember that these recommendations are for an average Round body shape. We are all unique with different proportioncoloursstyle personalities and so on, that need to be considered.

To be honest, I think that this approach to dressing is quite dated.. I described what I do instead in this post:
– How to determine your body shape and proportions.

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How to dress your body shape

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