5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Know Your Body Shape

“What body shape do I have and what type of clothes should I wear?” is the most common and one of the most puzzling questions I’ve been asked.

what body shape do I have

My answer is that you had better give up the idea of finding out your body shape and here is why:

1. First of all, it is very difficult to fit all the varieties of female bodies into a particular category.

So you go from “fruit” to “letters” (X, O, V etc.) Then to “spoons”, “bells”, “cones” and “goblets” and something is always left out.

what body shape am I

2.  Beauty and body standards vary throughout the globe and different periods of time.

Most of these body type classifications consider an hourglass body shape and western standards of beauty to be the default, without taking into account globalisation and the fact that the world is becoming more and more multicultural.

body shapes

3. Body shape classifications do not consider your personal tastes.

  • – What if you are a “pear” but don’t want to disguise your hips as you are supposed to do according to the recommendations.
  • – What if you are a neat hourglass shape but have a tummy at the same time and defining your waist would draw attention to your tummy?
  • – What if you are an hourglass body shape, but you don’t want to show your waist and femininity and would prefer to have a boyish “lean column” figure instead?
  • – What if the only thing you want is to make your shins or feet visually smaller?

Body shape classifications don’t give an answer about how to achieve this.

body shapes

4. The choice of recommended clothing is limited.

body type

5. If your body shape changes you need to restart from the beginning.

But what’s the solution? If not body shapes then what? – Your personal taste plus visual perception and optical illusions are the answer.

This approach is much easier to apply than it sounds. In fact, it’s easier to use than body shape classifications.

Here is what I suggest to my clients: (here you can read more)

  •  Take a picture of yourself in a bikini or underwear from the front, side and back
  •  Decide what you like about your body and what you’d like to change. For example, make your neck longer/shorter; shoulders wider/narrower; arms thinner/fuller; tummy flatter/rounder and so on from head to toe.
  •  Apply optical illusions to all those parts of your body to get the body shape you want. Optical illusions work as a tool box, which once learnt how to be used, can be utilised for the rest of your life, regardless of whether your body, your personal taste or fashions change.

And don’t forget to enhance and highlight those parts of your body that you love. For example, you can use brighter colours, accessories and printed fabrics to draw attention to your favourite body parts.

Questions? Let me know in the comments below ;)

If you need help finding the right clothes for your body, then a personal online consultation might be interesting for you 👇

How to dress your body shape

Struggling to understand what you should wear to look and feel good? Learn once and for all how to dress your body for the rest of your life, even if it changes in the future!

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