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Body shapes – Rectangle or H

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Rectangle or H body type is characterized by very little waist definition with straight rib cage and hips. Shoulders and hips are similar in width. Women with Rectangle body shapes often ( but not always) have short waists, flat bottoms, fuller busts, thicker tummies, and great long legs.

Celebrities who posses this body shape:
Jennifer Garner, Rosario Dawson, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria.

rectangle or H body shape

In contrast to the Lean column or I body shape which can be described as boyish, Rectangle shape has larger bone structure and look stouter and more solid, if we may say so.

The golden rule for dressing the H body shape is to not draw attention to the middle part of the body. Keep all the details in your clothing either below or above your mid section.

Below you will find recommendations for an average women with Rectangle body shape (median waist, middle bust size, average length, not incredibly defined tummy). We will talk about these extensions in the following series.

As an average Rectanlgle you can wear stiffer fabrics such as wool crepe, woven wool, cotton, linens, lightweight tweeds, fine knits, and jersey. If some parts of your body are fuller choose softer fabrics which drape well.

Use straighter patterns (stripes, checks, and geometric patterns) on straighter parts of your body. See the example of what happens when stripes are on a fuller bottom. The vise-versa is also true, use less geometric and more abstract or rounded patterns on your fuller parts.

Clothing lines:

You can choose shaped and semi fitted clothes as well as straight, but they shouldn’t be tight.
Note that you can tie a belt behind to create a fitted silhouette.

Coats and jackets for Rectangle (H) body shape
Tops and dresses for Rectangle (H) body shape


You can wear most types of skirts and trousers, with the exception of pleats and gathering around the waist and tummy. If you have fuller thighs, straight or flared pants will work better.


To avoid for Rectangle (H) body shape


Double breasted jackets and oversized garments may work if they are made from thin fabrics.

Avoid details on the waist and tummy area, such as belts, horizontal details, gathers, pleats, horizontal and patched pockets, fluffy fabrics and boxy cuts.

Remember that these recommendations are for average Rectangle body shape. We are all unique with different proportion, colours, style personalities and so on, that need to be considered.

Hope you found something useful in this article. If you have any questions, please comment below.



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