7 Ways to Wear a Button Down Shirt

A simple button down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in the wardrobe! Here I collected some ideas about how to wear it.

1. Tucked, untucked or tucked asymmetrically

A shirt tucked all the way around gives more proper feeling. Untucked shirt looks more relaxed, while tucked asymmertically – more creative.

ways to wear a shirt


2. Wrap it!

A good way to make an oversized or loose shirt look more fitted.

wrap a shirt


3. Tie a knot

Another way to play with length and “looseness” of your shirt.

ways to wear a shirt. knot


4. Off the shoulders

This one is quite self explanatory I guess..

ways to wear a shirt. off shoulders


5. Wear it backwards 

If you dare ;)

ways to wear a shirt. backwards


6. Shirt as a jacket

A shirt is a perfect piece for layering!

ways to wear a shirt


7. Under a dress

Here are some more ideas on how to layer tops and shirts.

alexa chung shirt under a dress


Experiment! If you don’t have any shirt borrow one from your man and try to tuck, wrap and tie it in different ways. ;)

Pictures are from Pinterest.

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