Ways to Layer Tops

Tired of all your tops? Try to wear them together ;)  It’s an instant way to update the look!

1. Wear a top over a t-shirt

 top over a t-shirt


2. Wear your favourite t-shirt over a shirt

 t shirt over a button down shirt


t-shirt over a shirt


3. Layer a top over a shirt

 top over a button down shirt


 top over a shirt


 top over shirt


4. Wear everything over a turtle neck

ways to layer turtleneck layering turtleneck
I think Cher Horowitz from Clueless was the first who covered the theme.

cher clueless top over top


Here is how I sometimes wear my tops

top over shirt

breton over a shirt


Got your own way? Share below! :)


Pictures are from Pinterest. You can find more inspiration on my board.

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