Style Personality – Natural

According to Colour Me Beautiful you more likely have Natural Style Personality if:

— Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important  factor for you when choosing what to wear. Anything that constricts, digs in or pinches is not an option. You prefer casual styling to formal business wear and you hate a cluttered look — simple lines and designs are more you. In keeping with your no-fuss attitude, clothes must be easy-care and ideally non-iron.

— Your wardrobe may appear disorganized and you will often just wear whatever is to hand and clean that morning.

— Trousers worn with flat shoes are your preferred option for maximum comfort and practicality.

— You have many interests but reading fashion magazines is not one of them.

— Your jewellery will be minimal — if you wear any at all — and won’t jangle about.

— You go for simple colour combinations and your make up is minimalistic.

— Your overall look can be described as relaxed and casual.

— You usually don’t like shopping and buy only when you need something.

— Your shoes are comfortable, your hairstyle needs low maintenance.

Please note that usually people have more than one Style Personalities mixed in different proportions. For example my main Style Personality is Classic, then I have some Dramatic and a little bit of Natural.

If Natural is not about you try RomanticDramaticCreativeClassic or City Chic.

Famous Naturals:

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Steffi Graf

Natural Style Personality Julia+Roberts kate-winslet steffi graf


also Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Giselle Bundchen, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer

Materials are mostly soft: knits, suede, linen, cottons

Styles: Bohemian, Hippie, Safari, Sporty, Casual

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