Trends: Ways to Wear Scarves

Scarves are an endless source of inspiration, and there are countless ideas for how to pull off this trend. Having them in a variety of colors and sizes you can, basically, live the whole summer without using regular clothes. Scarves can serve as your tops, dresses, skirts, and accessories from bags to belts. You can check Pinterest for more ideas.

Now we are going to take a look at what designers are suggesting for us this season.

You can, of course, wear a scarf as-is, or tuck it under a top.

scarves ss15

Tie it as a choker.

ways to wear scarves ss15

Use your scarf as a belt.

scarf as a belt

Tie a bow

ways to wear scarves bow

More creative ways: throw on one shoulder and secure with a belt or wrap as a top.
Use it as a front panel on your dress or wrap on the wrist as a bracelet.

creative scarves

Is there anythyng you want to try? I’m definitely going to try all of them!

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