Timeless Outerwear for Warmer Seasons

If you are looking for timeless outerwear that you can wear for many years, then this post may be useful for you.

These garments below work literally with everything, suit all ages and never go out of fashion.

timeless outerwear

Of course, most of them (except trench coats) can be worn all year round as an extra layer. Check my post “How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather” and my Pinterest board for more ideas on layering.

What about their colors?

Choose colors that you like, feel good in, and that are easy for you to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. This is the most important thing.

If you are not sure about colors and how to combine them, take a look at my mini online course Colors in Your Wardrobe

A Trench Coat

Knee-length or slightly below-the-knee is the most versatile option. You can wear absolutely anything underneath and still look stylish.

timeless outerwear trench coat

Here is my Pinterest board with more ideas on how to style them

A Biker (Moto) Jacket

Black leather is the most classic choice, but they can be made in all other colors and fabrics. I personally have 8 different biker jackets to suit my mood.

timeless outerwear biker jacket

More ideas here (Pinterest)

A Bomber Jacket

Depending on the fabric you choose, it may look more casual and sporty or more formal and dressy.

timeless outerwear bomber jacketb

More examples on my Pinterest board

A Denim Jacket

I bet most of you already own it. If not, choose one that is neither too oversized nor too tight. This “rule” applies to all the garments in this post.

time outerwear denim jacket

Here are more ideas (Pinterest)

A Long Cardigan

You can wear as a summer coat and of course underneath your winter outerwear. You can also wear a belt over your cardigan.

timeless outerwear long cardigan

A Light Down Jacket

I wrote a post about them not so long ago. Here it is.

timeless outerwear light down jacket

If you want to add some of these garments to your wardrobe, but don’t know where to find them, I have created a file where I collected all the timeless basics that are in stores right now and added links, so you can purchase them right away.

Wardrobe basics spring 2022 guide

This post may also be useful: “The Only 2 Pieces of Outerwear You Need”

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