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How to Add Trends to Your Wardrobe

Sometimes fashions trends may seem tricky to play with, so here are a couple of tips on how you can add them to your wardrobe.

Let’s start with the easy ones – Prints and colors.

As I always say, Prints and Colors never go out of fashion, they just sometimes become more or less popular. For example, at the moment beige and brown colors and animal prints are at the peak of popularity, that is why they can be found in almost any store for any budget. But as the wave passes, it may take a decade or more before they will be this available again!

So, let’s say you decided to dip your toe into this trend and add some animal prints to your wardrobe.

The safest way to do this is to begin by adding accessories, such as scarves, belts, shoes, jewelry or bags. Add these to your regular wardrobe as if they were black.


What’s more, the belts and scarves that you acquire will last you for a lifetime, while shoes, bags and jewelry will eventually date.

If you are feeling braver you can get a printed blouse or a skirt/pants and pair them with your regular basic items. This can really add an exciting flair to your outfit.


Let’s take another example, big pockets for instance, which are also a current trend right now. Let’s say that you like this trend and thinking of adding it to your wardrobe.

The logic here is following:
One of the downsides of the big pockets is that they add quite a lot of volume to your body, but, if you’re okay with that, then go for it!

If you don’t mind adding extra volume to your upper body, but definitely don’t want to do that around your bottom, then look for tops with pockets and avoid pants or skirts.

And vice versa, go for skirts/pants with big pockets to add a little volume below the waistline if you feel like it.

Fendi SS 19

Last but not least, pair new trendy items with your basic items. They are like pasta and can be paired with as spicy sauce as you can handle.

Left: Basic shirt + trendy baggy jeans (Zara) — Middle: All basic + trendy boots (Mango) — Right: Trendy patchwork top + basic jeans (Zara)

Don’t be afraid of trends! Experiment and have fun!

What’s your recent purchase that you don’t know what to pair with? :)

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