Style Personality – Creative

You more likely have Creative Style Personality if:

— You are great at combining different items of clothing and accessories to give yourself a unique and interesting look, and you are rarely throw anything out because you know you will use it at some point, even if it has to be remodeled. If you are not careful, though, your creative tendencies could result in your being inappropriately dressed for certain occasions.

— Your wardrobe is full of items from many different sources, including vintage mixed with high fashion, that you have collected over the years.

— Shopping for you is an art form. You like nothing better than rummaging around a charity shop or your mother’s attic. You find chain stored distasteful and boring.

— You often make interesting purchases while on holiday, and look at fashion magazines for inspiration and ideas.

— You wear whatever colour you feel like on the day.

— Your overall look can be described like eclectic and sometimes wacky.

— For special occasions you wear velvet, brocade, antique and lace. You like to collect unusual jewellery, experiment with make up and change your hairstyle depending on your mood.

Famous creatives according to CMB

Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani

vivienne-westwood-mdn  Helena-Bonham-Carter  kate_moss


Found yourself? If not try Romantic,DramaticNaturalClassic or City Chic.

Note that people usually have more then one style personality.

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