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City chic Style Personality explained by Colour me Beautifull:

You enjoy your clothes but are not fanatical about them. You dedicate time and thought to the way you look, and you love accessories, sometimes spending more on bags and shoes than on outfit itself. Having probably tried out most of the other key styles and experimented with lots of different looks, you now know what suits you.

— You tend to follow trends rather than high street fashion

— You shop with care and rarely make rash purchases, ensuring that whatever you buy coordinates with other items that you already have in your wardrobe.

— You use bright colours with caution and tend to go for tone-one-tone look.

— You keep abreast of the latest trends by reading good magazines.

— Your overall look can be described as simple and elegant.

— Your shoes, hairstyle and jewellery are current, and your make-up complements your look.

Note that usually people have a mix of a few Style Personalities in themselves.

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Famouse City chics:

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Catherine Deneuve

karla bruni oprah-winfrey Sharon StoneCity chic style personality


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