What to Pair With Your Special Items

If you are one of my clients or if you have read my post about Base wardrobe, then you know that I divide clothes to “Base” and “Spices”. 

Basic items are those that are plain, simple, without any style or extra details. They fit perfectly, you can wear them to any occasion and they go with most of the other clothes in your wardrobe.

Spices are the exact opposite :)

They are like pasta and souse work best when they are together.

For example, these are “spicy” blouses paired with quite basic jeans. Basic garments can be modern, dated or timeless, so these are modern jeans.


Another example of “spicy” tops paired with more timeless bottoms:


Here are some “spicy” skirts paired with basic tops


And here are some “spicy” pants with basic tops


“Spicy” outerwear will go perfectly with something basic underneath


I think you have already guessed the answer –  if you have some special pieces in your wardrobe, and you have no idea what to pair them with – base wardrobe is the solution :)

You can, of course, mix several “spices” together, but that’s another level.

You can download the list with timeless basic items here.

Pictures are from net-a-porter.com


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