Base Wardrobe: My Version

Base wardrobe is the third element of my Personal Style Development system.
1. Body
2. Impression
3. Base wardrobe *
4. Personal Style

In this post I want to show a part of my own base wardrobe and how it can be combined.

What items can be included in the base wardrobe?
Those which:

  • – fit perfectly
  • – plain and simple, without any noticeable details or certain style
  • – can be easily combined with each other and any other item in your wardrobe
  • – can be used for any occasions that you might be involved in ( for example, from supermarket shopping to a wedding reception)
  • – are made of thin draping fabric that allows you to wear layers without adding bulk
  • – will not go out of fashion, and which can then be updated with seasonal pieces

    (Full article about base wardrobe is here)

    So here are a few of my basic items. They fit good, they are plain, easily combine with each other and with the rest of my clothes, and I can wear them everywhere I may go.

    my base wardrobe

    Just a few outfits, but you can come up with more by changing shoes and adding layers.

    Sorry for the pictures’ quality.. :s
    base wardrobe bw2

And here are a few examples of how we can add some “spices” to the base wardrobe.  For my wardrobe these are spices because they have certain style, I can’t wear them everywhere I go and they don’t combine easily with everything in my wardrobe. But for some of you the same garments could be a part of base wardrobe, depending on your lifestyle.

basic wardrobe
basic wardrobe basic wardrobe

If you want to learn how to create your own base wardrobe, understand your body and your personal style, than my service “Personal Style Development” is for you. It’s conducted online, so it doesn’t matter where you currently are.

If you have some questions don’t hesitate to drop me a message or leave a comment below.

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