What I packed for Christmas holiday in Tenerife


As some of you know my husband and I spent our Christmas holiday in Tenerife. We flew from Gothenburg where it was around +4C and had to pack for the temperatures between 15 and 25C.

Here is what I took with me.  I could pack everything in my hand luggage, by the way ;)

Most of these garments are pieces from my base wardrobe , which means:

– I like how they fit
– I can wear them with most other item in my wardrobe
– I can wear them in most situations I spend my life in
– they are neutral, without particular style

Spices for me:
– Christmas sweater and black t-shirt –  they are not so neutral and I can’t wear them everywhere
– Velvet blazer and both pairs of black pants don’t go so well with ALL items in my wardrobe.  This means that I have to think what I can and can’t pair them with. That is not what we want in base wardrobe. We want to have a set of garments that we can mix and match without thinking :)

So, this is how I mixed everything I packed:


If you also want a wardrobe where you always find something to wear, you can start with downloading Base Wardrobe List here

If you have any questions leave a comment below or drop me a line via the contact form ;)



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