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What I packed for 6 days in Barcelona

Since winters in Sweden are dark, with the sun going down around 3-4 p.m., it’s almost crucial to have short sun holidays from time to time in order to stay sane. So this January my husband and I went for 6 days to Barcelona to recharge our solar batteries and here is what I packed.

As I wrote before I start by checking the weather forecast and planning the activities:

  • Weather: mostly dry and sunny, around +8-13C
  • Activities: city walking, museums, picnic on the beach (which hasn’t happened)
  • Location: stay at one place

My desired palette for this trip included shades of blue, pink, burgundy, white and a dash of silver and black.

I only had a cabin luggage and here is what I packed.

I always start packing with the shoes – they must be comfortable to walk in all day.

Bottoms: a pair to fly in that is comfortable and doesn’t lose its shape. Stretchy jeans did their job nicely this time.
Plus I pack a few bottoms that will still fit if I gain some weight (which always happens).

Tops: should be easy to layer and combine with bottoms

Outerwear: I went for one light blue coat

Bags: one tote to fly with, bum bag (never used during this trip) and a backpack

I also took a pair of pants and a long cardigan as homewear but they’re boring so I didn’t include them in the picture.

This is what I wore for the flights on the first and last days

And here is what I wore during other four days

The face is because of insects in the flowers I wanted to smell :D

I didn’t use the silver loafers because we lived on a hill and the loafers’ soles felt slippery for some reason… Also I used the white V-neck cashmere jumper as an extra layer underneath but forgot to add it to outfits collages.

I hope the way I pack will be useful for some of you. If you have your own tips and trick for smart packing please share below :)

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