Timeless Bags That Will Never Go Out of Style

If you prefer buying timeless bags that will serve you for years, but are not quite sure what to look for, opt for these shapes that are almost impossible to go wrong with.

Tote / Shopper bag

If you have a lot of essential things to carry with you, such as a laptop, water, extra pair of shoes, gym wear, etc., then this type of bag can be a good option for you. Choose clean forms and minimum decorations. Dark leather (faux leather) and stiffer shape are the most formal and office-appropriate.

Saint Laurent

You can also choose other fabrics and prints if you want to create different styles.


If you still have a lot to carry but want the weight to be evenly distributed over your shoulders, opt for a backpack. Minimalistic models made of sleek leather are the most formal and can be worn to the office in many cases. Then again, you can choose any other materials and prints that reflect your style.

Crossbody bag

The simpler, the better.

If a shoulder strap/chain is detachable, you can turn it into an evening clutch.


Evening bag

These shapes are safe to choose. The material can be satin, velvet, pearls, feathers, beads, rhinestones, gold, silver, etc. Just make sure that it is easy for you to match your bag with your potential evening outfits.

Saddle bag

Another timeless shape. Works perfectly for Classic, English countryside, Equestrian, Safari and Bohemian styles.  If you like these styles, I would recommend choosing a bag in brown color – it’s the most versatile in this case.

Bucket bag

These bag shape has existed since the beginning of times. Like those coin pouches that people wore on their belts throughout history.

Boho / Bindle bag

As well as this shape, that reminds of a piece of fabric tied in a bindle, that was often worn by hobos (poor migrant workers or homeless people). This shape has a Bohemian vibe to it and is often used in this style.

Macrame bag

Another rather ancient and informal type of bag that is timeless and is commonly used in the Bohemian style.

Basket bag

I don’t think these bags even need commenting on, except that their rough texture may snag and pill your clothes. Keep this in mind.

If you want to play with trends and to know what’s currently in, check Zara’s, Mango’s and H&M’s websites. A trendy bag will serve you for about 3 years on average.

I hope this helps you navigate the jungle of bags.

Take this quiz to check whether you can see the difference between timeless and modern bags ;)

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