The 2 Most Important Elements of Style

Color, body shape and personality are all important when choosing clothes, but there are two important things that you need to think about first.

  • Appropriateness

Are the clothes appropriate for the occasion?

Imagine that you have got the perfect dress, the color suits you and the fit is perfect. Your hair and makeup look incredible and then…..in all your perfect glory you go to the… gym!

Credits Production Co: Miramax, Universal Pictures, StudioCanal


No matter how well the dress fits or how amazing the colors look on you, it is of no use if your clothes are out of place with your surroundings.

Obvious? Not for everyone…

Aretha Franklin funeral and tribute at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit



  • Timeless or Modern

So, bearing all that in mind, there is another consideration. If some part of your outfit is dated, your whole look will be ruined.

Look at this picture from Color Me Beautiful which was published in 2006. The models were dressed to suit their body shape and color types. None of this matters now because it is fashion from the previous decade and everything looks dated and not stylish at all.

Colour Me Beautiful 2006


What Dates First?

Shoes, bags and glasses are the first to go out of style, followed by hair, makeup and cut/silhouette of the clothes.

To avoid having an outdated look, keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and choose clothes that are timeless, classic and don’t go out of style.

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