Inspo: Ways to Wear Vests

Vests are one of those items that never go out of fashion but sometimes become a trend. Which means that it becomes easier to find them in different cuts and fabrics than it usually is. So now is one of those periods again. 

I personally love vests – they can easily make a simple outfit more interesting, make it more or less formal or change the style of the outfit completely.

For example, here we have basic jeans, trousers, shirt and t-shirt. Try to match different vests and shoes and see how the outfit changes.

Here are some more ideas:

Short vest: You can wear it as a top

Medium long vest:

Again, you can wear it as a top or as a vest with pretty much everything...

With a skirt..

Or with a pair of shorts

With a dress or trousers

Or as a dress (with a pair of shorts underneath for more comfort)

Long vest:  also goes with everything

Here is one of mine

So I hope I managed to inspire you to get one of those ;) As I said vests are timeless, so if you get yourself one, you can continue wearing it forever. Just make sure it looks neutral – not too big and not too small.

Avoid these tiny types, they are currently dated..

Do you like vests? What do you wear them with? :)

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