Inspo: Modern Sunglasses

In the previous post I described the “dated, timeless, modern” concept. Let’s take a look at some dated, timeless and modern sunglasses.

These shapes are dated at this point in time, but they may come back someday..

UPDATE: March 2019. They are back ;)

dated glasses


These shapes are timeless. They are unisex and suit most faces. Remember that your face shape has not that much to do with the shapes of glasses. I wrote about it here.

timeless sunglasses


These are modern sunglasses.

90s inspired





70s inspired
70s inspired sunglasses



colored sunglasses



embellished sunglasses


Flat top

flat top sunglasses


High double top

high double top sunglasses


Cat eye modern version

kat eye sunglasses



mirrored sunglasses


Oversized frames

oversized sunglasses



rounded sunglasses



squared sunglasses

Pictures source: Net-a-Porter

These are mine (the picture is called – “a perfectionist’s nightmare”). As you can see they are in different shapes, but my face shape remains the same :)

my glasses

Once again, there is very little connection between your face shape and glasses. Instead they may belong to a certain style or convey a certain impression, which should be considered.

If you want to learn to how to manage the impression you make and find your personal style I will gladly help you. All the details are here.

In any case try on as many shapes as possible and see which you like most ;)

Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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