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How to wear a shirtdress

A Shirtdress seems to be one of the most versatille peaces in the wardrobe. It will serve you as a dress, duster coat, top, tunic and skirt. Here are some ideas of how to wear it.

Keep in mind: for fuller body shapes choose a shirtdress made from flowy but substantial fabric. For example, lyocell, viscose, weight silk and chiffon.

The simplest way is to wear a Shirtdress as-is

The next level is to wear it as a Duster-coat

Try it under a sweater or vest

And again – over pants 

Play with layers

Or why not to try a shirtdress under a skirt

And here are a few more pictures for the inspiration

how to wear a shirtdress



Anything you want to try? 🙂

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