What Personal Style Consists Of?

Style is that elusive substance that many of us chase. Let’s try to break it down to its core components and see what style is made of.

1. Your personal tastes – the things you like and don’t like. They may remain the  same or change during your life.

miley cyrus personal style



2. Your body. Our bodies change throughout our lives, which affects our clothing choices.

pregnancy personal style



3. Your current location – your home, its climate, culture, and traditions all have an impact on the clothes you wear every day. Even the differences between a big city or a village will matter. As for me, moving to another country and a new city that is 10 times smaller than where I lived previously affected my style.

“New in town” with Renee Zellweger
new in town renee zellweger


4. Your age. What you like and dislike will change as you grow up.

victoria beckham personal style



5. Fashion. Developing your personal style is not possible without being aware of current fashion trends. Look at past and current style icons – their style always matches the fashion of the time.

jennifer aniston personal style



6. Your relationship status and family. Are you searching for “Mr. right” or have you already found one? Do you have kids? How old are they? All these aspects affect the way we dress.

single vs relantionship personal style

7. Your occupation. Are you in school? Are you a professional? Where do you work or study? Whether you are a housewife, a corporate worker, a doctor, or a freelancer, your occupation affects your personal style.

“Devil wears Prada” Anne Hathaway

devil wears prada

8. Your leisure time. What are your hobbies? How do you spend your spare time? Do you prefer to go out to restaurants, museums, or theaters or do you go hiking and camping? All of these affect your style choices as well.

How these aspects relate to one another is unique for each and every one of us. When one of those elements changes, so does our style. This is perfectly normal. In fact, something may be wrong if it doesn’t change.

For instance, If you found your “Mr. Right,” but dress like you are still searching, something may be wrong. If you recently got promoted, but haven’t started dressing accordingly, you need to make a change. If your body has changed but you continue wearing clothes that don’t fit you anymore, you need to make a change.

During the course of Personal Style Development, we go through all of these aspects so you can learn how to adjust your style and wardrobe any time your circumstances change. Click here for more details.




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