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My Style: an Example of a Personal Style

One of the concerns I hear from my clients is: “I don’t know what my style is, I love so many different things. My wardrobe is a fine mess!”

As you know, I like to compare our wardrobes with cooking, where we have basic products such as flour, eggs, and rice, which you can use in pretty much any dish, and we also have spices.

Spices may work well in a variety of dishes, and some spices can be a clear sign of a certain cuisine. For example, curry will add an Indian touch to any of your dishes, and cumin will add a touch of taco flavor (I may be wrong here. I’m not really good at cooking).

Just as we like to experiment with different dishes and cuisines, we may be open to various styles of clothing. And it’s totally OK to prefer different things from time to time—sometimes you can have sugar cravings, and sometimes you want some sushi or a hot curry pot.

If we apply this diversity to our wardrobes, it may look like this. You can instantly say what styles these “spices” belong to, and they will add their “taste” to any of your outfits.



How spicy your “dish” will depend purely on your personal taste and your lifestyle. For instance, if you like the “rock” style, you can go anywhere from all in to just adding a single accessory.



Below, I’ll use myself as an example to show how a wardrobe with different styles may look.

My style currently looks like this. Normally I prefer simple basics, but occasionally I have different moods and cravings, and I have small pods that contain those necessary spices.



Only basics:

(You can download the basic wardrobe list for free here)



If you want to add more colors to your wardrobe take a look at my online course about colors.


“Good Girl”:









After all, everything you like and dislike is a part of you, and that can be reflected in your personal style.

If you want to learn more about your taste and style, then you may be interested in my service, Personal Style Development.



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