Key Pieces for Fall-Winter 2020

You don’t have to update your entire wardrobe every season to look modern. Instead, you can just add some of the kye pieces of your choice to show that you keep up with the times. 

This season’s key pieces:


  • Shoes – chunky boots, loafers, square toes


  • Quilted coats and jackets⁣

Essentially everything quilted will do ;)


  • Knitted vests


  • Overshirts


  • Big statement collars


  • Bag – soft, quilted, gathered 


Note that regular loafers (not too chunky without square toes), knitted vests and quilted coats/jackets are timeless. If you like them you can buy them now and wear for years later.

The rest from the list will stay for at least 3 more seasons 😉⁣

Anything you want to try? 🙂



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