How to Wear Joggers

Fashion has been merciful to us so far, so we don’t need to sacrifice comfort to look good.

Joggers (or sweat pants, or track pants) can be made from regular jersey fabric or more formal costume fabrics, or even festive fabrics such as velvet, silk, brocade or sequins.

We will start from the most casual looks and gradually move to more formal.

Joggers made from jersey fabric and combined with a sweatshirt or t-shirt and sneakers is the most casual look you can create.

how to wear  joggers casual

To get a more formal look we can gradually change a t-shirt or sweatshirt to a button down shirt or top and change sneakers to more formal flat shoes or even heels. We can get maximum effect from jersey joggers by pairing them with heels, a silky top and blazer.

how to wear joggers


how to wear joggers

Following the same principles we can experiment with more formal joggers. Depending on whether you want to look more casual or dressier, pair them with a t-shirt or button down shirt, heels or flats, sweatshirt or blazer

how to wear joggers


how to wear joggers


Would you wear them? :)

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