Base wardrobe

What is a base wardrobe?

A base wardrobe is a collection of a few items of clothing which:

  • – will not go out of fashion, and which can then be updated with seasonal pieces
  • – fit perfectly
  • – absolutely plain and simple, without any noticeable details or certain style
  • – can be easily combined with each other and any other item in your wardrobe
  • – can be used for any occasions that you might be involved in ( for example, from supermarket shopping to a wedding reception)
  • – are made of thin draping fabric that allows you to wear layers without adding bulk


When and why do we need a base wardrobe?
  • – when we don’t have time or the desire to think about what to wear
  • – when we are in a transitional period of our life and we don’t know yet how we want to look. For example, parenthood, new status, new job, new city/country etc.

Since all the items are timeless and fit perfectly you will always look good no matter what.

A base wardrobe can be compared with eggs and flour – you can eat eggs separately, or you can mix them with flour and make bread or pasta. Add more ingredients and you can make anything you want. base wardrobe Another example is Lego – by using plain bricks you can build a house, a boat, a spaceship, you name it. But as soon as there is some kind of image on the brick it will limit the choice. base wardrobe Because base items are so plain they can be combined with any crazy trend you choose and can be changed to any style with the help of accessories. base wardrobe

base wardrobe

  Due to different lifestyles the base wardrobe is unique for everyone. If you like colours your base can be colourful as long as your surroundings allow it. Here is the list you can use to create your own base:

base wardrobe example

1. Cardigan
2. Sweater
3. Leather jacket
4. Light down jacket
5. Raincoat
6. Coat (read here how to choose a timeless coat)
7. Shirt
8. T-shirt
9. Silky top
10. Trousers
11. Skirt
12. Blazer
13. Big bag
14. Small bag
15. Pumps
16. Flats
17. Boots
18. Sneackers
19. Dress

So it may look in real life:

base wardrobe outfits

If you want help with creating your personal base wardrobe, I will gladly help you 🙂 Here you will find more information.


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