Trends: Spring – Summer 2019

The new season is just around the corner so it might be a good idea to check what designers prepared for us this time.

Prints and Colors:

Remember that prints and colors never go out of fashion, they just become more or less popular. Read more about it here.

  • Animal prints are still everywhere


  • All shades of brown and beige are super popular


Including caramel color. Preferably in leather.


  • Bright colors


  • Soft colors


  • Patchwork


  • Cycling shorts 

I will probably cut one of my old skinny jeans 🙂


  • Feathers

They don’t have to be real 😉


  • Net


  • Crochet 


  • Vests

They are timeless, but I just love them.


  • Big pockets



  • Micro bag


  • Bandana


  • Headband


  • “Snowshoes”

Big wide shoes that remind me of snowshoes… 🙂


  • Feathered accessories


  • Braided/Woven/Macrame bags


Anything you want to try this season? 😉




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