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How to Layer Dresses

Ok, we have all heard and hopefully tried to layer tops over tops and tops with dresses, but how about layering 2 …

24 Ways to Wear a Bandeau Dress

I bought this dress second-hand, and you probably have a similar one in your wardrobe. You can also use the following tricks for …

Steal the Look

Oops, I did it again.. Stole some looks from Pinterest 😉 Here are the previous posts in this series. 

Steal the Look

If you followed me for a while then you know that I sometimes recreated looks that I found on Pinterest or Instagram. 

Steal the Look

A new bunch of looks that I recreated using clothes from my own wardrobe. As I said before, to me it’s like …

Steal the Look

Another portion of the stolen looks 😉   As I mentioned before I sometimes recreate looks that I found on the Internet using …